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Ancient Wisdom Wheel

Ancient Wisdom Herbs
presents you with the finest Herbal products & Herbal remedies using Medicinal Herbs, Herbal tea, Wiccan Supplies, Bulk herbs, Organic herbs, Essential Oil Blends for our customers from around the globe plus so much more!


Feverfew for natural remedies.

Natural Herbs
Feverfew for Headaches


Natural Herbs
Lavender Flowers for Relaxation

Ancient Wisdom Supplier of Medicinal Herbs & Wiccan Supplies.

Ancient Wisdom Herbs
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Mount Juliet, TN

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Ancient Wisdom Herbs Products

Ancient Wisdom Herbs is one of the top providers of herbal products and herbal remedies made from dried medicinal herbs, spices, herbal extracts, tincture formulations, medicinal herbal tea blends, bulk medicinal herbs, and essential oil blends for herbal therapeutic relief. We also carry wiccan supplies such as herbs and pagan spell supply for the ritual practitioner, as well as organic herbs and spices for culinary needs. Our herb store specializes in all-natural herbs, organic herbs, and wildcrafted products, available in small quantities or in bundles of bulk herbs.

We also have ouija boards and unique jewelry in addition to our wide selection of essential oils and herbal healing materials such as herbal supplements and herbal medicine. By offering easy access to high-quality, competitively priced choices that are both environmentally friendly and socially responsible, Ancient Wisdom Herbs strives to lead the way in bringing nature, herbal therapy for natural healing, culinary tastes, and wiccan & pagan ritual needs together in one store for our customers.

Medicinal Herbs, Bulk Herbs, Natural Herbs

Medicinal Herbs, Natural Herbs, Bulk Herbs
People from across the world have long used herbal medicine with indigenous plants for treatment of various ailments dating back to ancient history. For those using herbs to help maintain physical, mental health & spiritual well-being, Ancient Wisdom Herbs comprehensive selection offers natural herbs, organic herbs, wildcrafted herbs that provides herbal healing from around the globe. One third of Americans today have turned to herbal healing with medicinal herbs and herbal supplements. You will find natural herbs and medicinal herbs for herbal remedies and herbal medicine in our store. Try our bulk herbs too!

Medicinal Herbs, Bulk Herbs, Natural Herbs
Herbal Tea & Natural Remedies

Herbal Tea & Tea Blends
Leading experts are recommending loose leaf herbal teas for the best flavor, since loose leaf herbal teas are of a consistently higher quality than those used in prepackaged tea bags. Because the leaves are loose they unfurl in the cup and release the full flavor of the tea and their medicinal properties. Whether you're a longtime tea drinker or just getting started, why not drink the best tasting teas? With our selection of Oolong Tea, Rooibos Tea, green, white and herbal tea & tea blends or tea kits made with herbs like Chamomile or Echinacea, Ancient Wisdom Herbs ensures superior quality and taste in every cup of tea you brew with our natural health supplies. People have returned to herbal healing with herbal medicine and herbal remedies. We have bulk herbal tea and bulk herbs!

Herbal Tea & Natural Remedies
Herbal Healing & Herbal Supplements.

Herbal Tinctures & Herbal Supplements
Our line of high quality tinctures and extracts are all prepared according to the menstrum needs of each individual herb. All Ancient Wisdom Herbs tinctures and extracts are made using raw herbal materials of healing herbs of a consistent superior quality. Tinctures are an extraction of an herb made in water and alcohol. This method of herbal extraction offers a stronger medicinal dose of the herbs than alternate forms of ingestion such as capsules or teas and are a perfect alternative for those looking for homeopathic remedies or natural remedies. Try this form of herbal remedy!

Herbal Supplements & Herbal Remedies
Essential Oils & Bath Oils.

Herbal Bath and Body Oils & Oil Blends
Our herbal bath and body oils, blends and flower essences are chosen and formulated for the best purity and holistic effect. We strive to offer some of the best aromatherapy massage & bath oils, blends and flower essences at honest prices. Our aromatherapy scents are all natural, sensual, healing aroma's that bring together mind, body & spirit for those searching for an alternative medicine solution, natural remedy or to just feel good about themselves. Try this form of herbal healing!

Essent Oils & Bath Oils.

Featuring our new line of wiccan supplies not just for the discerning Wiccan & Pagan community but anyone who enjoys beautiful handcrafted items. Our wiccan supplies and pagan spell supply are top of the line products.
Try our wiccan supplies for yourself along with our unique jewelry items and pagan spell supply. Please click the product pictures for more details.

Wiccan Supplies - Tree Of Life

Wiccan Supplies
Hand Painted 100% Silk
Tree of Life

Wiccan Supplies - Animal Totems

Wiccan Supplies
Hand Painted 100% Silk
Animal Totems

Wiccan Supplies - Spellbound

Wiccan Supplies
Hand Painted 100% Silk

Wiccan Supplies - Amethyst Wand

Wiccan Supplies
Amethyst Wand
5 1/2 inches


Wiccan Supplies - Bloodstone Wand

Wiccan Supplies
Bloodstone Wand
7 inches


Wiccan Supplies - Rose Quartz Wand

Wiccan Supplies
Rose Quartz Wand
6 1/2 inches


Ouija Boards - Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention
Talking Pendulum-Ouija Boards


Ouija Boards - Pagan Pathways

Pagan Pathways
Talking Pendulum-Ouija Boards


Ouija Boards - Mystical Messengers

Mystical Messengers
Talking Pendulum-Ouija Boards


Unique Jewelry - Rainbow Chakra Pendant

Unique Jewelry
Rainbow Chakra Pendant

Unque Jewelry - Dragon Energy Earrings

Unique Jewelry
Dragon Energy Earrings

Unique Jewelry - Triple Moon Set

Unique Jewelry
Triple Moon Set


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Herbal Teas

A wide selection of organic herbs or wildcrafted herbal tea & tea blends.

Bath & Body Teas

Experience true herbal healing benefits with our selection of essential oils, bath & body products.


We invite you to explore who we are in more detail by shopping our large selection of natural herbs, wildcrafted and medicinal herbs for herbal remedies, herbal supplements and herbal medicine supplies for herbal healing, spices, herbal tea, tea blends, tinctures, essential oils, as well as, herbal bath and body products, wiccan supplies, pagan spell supply and our herbal tea or herb kits. Since all our herbal products are either organic herbs or wild crafted they are suitable for cooking (unless noted for external use only), wiccan or pagan rituals and for aromatherapy herbal healing.